PUEOKEA Farms, Olive Farms, Kula



PueoKea Farms is dedicated to the preservation and wellbeing of our island home, and the environment that we will leave for generations to come. Based on one of our founding principles within our philosophy-- to honoring the seen and unseen-- we put time, energy and effort into providing quality products, using materials that makes the most sense to the local environment and waste systems currently accessible. We also pride ourselves in designing products with a simple and minimal approach, letting the product speak for itself.

Our continuing goal is to be respectful of the energy and natural resources taken to create the product and material-- be it finding ways to use every part of the olive oil processing waste, or considering new systems of cycling and reusing our bottles and tins. 

We are passionate about keeping our island home safe for all forms of life that call Maui home. 

Please visit our blog page for more information on our packaging experiments and efforts. If you have any more questions, please contact us at: info@pueokeafarms.com

‘Honoring the seen and unseen’ means to considering the effects that could take place seven generations or more from now.